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Radio shows and podcasts

Date Podcast Topics
2010 Jan 15 Studio 360, WNYC Synth pop
2010 Feb 18 Dominocast (23:47—28:39) Aborted OMD project, Heartland concept, baroque music, “Lewis Takes Action”
2010 Sep 29 The Next Chapter on CBC Radio (21:50—23:30) Books, irony, failure
2011 Mar 19 Linked Classical training and influence
2011 Apr 21 Barbican Steve Reich, Heartland
2013 Oct 23 Red Bull Music Academy Radio Owen moved away from Toronto because condos are ugly and exploitative; The Hidden Cameras' importance is underappreciated relative to Broken Social Scene's; in pursuing music as a career, rather than ditch your job to become a full-time musician, it is better for your opportunities as a musician to force you out of your job; his income comes primarily from solo work and licensing, and he does pay-what-you-can arrangements for small bands; he prefers songs to be challenging to perform, as songs that become easy are boring; he writes lyrics in the morning with coffee; he met Arcade Fire when they opened for Jim Guthrie; Heartland Festival
2014 May 8 Kreative Kontrol “Owen and I talk about Columbus Ohio, great Szechuan food, and Dan Boeckner’s band Operators, the idea of parenthood and the truth, how kids are the darndest things, disassociation and themes within In Conflict, liminal spaces, sanity, change, and not feeling at home at home, going to Montreal, treating illness like a kind of gift, ‘musicians’ and ‘white people’ and music critic Ted Gioia and what prompted Pallett to write his pieces on pop music for Slate, music theory and populism, elevating social media posts and watching them turn into clickbait, his upcoming review of the new Tori Amos record for The Talkhouse, Owen’s opinionated streak and where it comes from, what Owen’s night at the Oscars was like, Joe Trapanese not Richard Trapunski, eating dinner with Randy Newman, Burt Bacharach, and John Williams, how meeting celebrities you’re not working with might be overrated, trying to write music while on the road, future plans, the song ‘In Conflict,’ and then boom goes the dynamite.”
2014 May 14 WNYC Soundcheck
2014 May 23 Q Magazine Owen’s track-by-track guide to In Conflict
2014 May 31 BBC Radio 6, The Tom Robinson Show


Date Publisher Title
2004 May 1 Wavelength Patrick Wolf + Final Fantasy
2004 Sep 25 The Globe and Mail Zoilus: Flesh on Fantasy
2005 Mar 8 Pitchfork Final Fantasy (feature article)
2005 Apr Exclaim! What I Play
2005 Apr 29 The Awl/Lost At Sea Magazine An interview with Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy
2005 Jun 23 NOW Toronto Final Fantasy (cover story)
2005 Jul 1 Zoilus Far From Final Fantasy
2005 Jul 5 Liability Webzine Liability Interview
2005 Jul 7 Montreal Mirror High score: Final Fantasy celebrates nerdiness, melodrama and gigantic emotions
2005 Dec 11 The New York Times The World's Most Popular Gay Postmodern Harpsichord Nerd
2005 Dec 28 The Torture Garden The best interview we did.
2005? Jazzthetik Interview
2006 'SUP Magazine Interview by Cameron Cook
2006 Summer UofT Magazine Experiments with Violin
2006 Jan Tiny Mix Tapes Final Fantasy: Interview: Making the Menial Seem Magical
2006 Apr Montreal Mirror Magic realist: Just in time for Easter, Final Fantasy lights a candle in the church of Dungeons & Dragons
2006 Apr 6 Queen's Journal A Final Fantasy of pretty pop songs
2006 Apr 17 Mocking Music Interview: Final Fantasy
2006 Apr 18 You Ain't No Picasso Q&A with Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy
2006 Apr 19 The Torture Garden Final Fantasy on... Final Fantasy
2006 Apr 28 i(heart)music Fantasizing about Owen Pallett
2006 May Dublin's Event Guide One Man Is A Fantasy Island
2006 May 17 The Torture Garden Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About... He Poos Clouds (But Were Afraid To Ask)
2006 Jun Exclaim! He Got Game
2006 Jun 29 Stylus Magazine Interview
2006 Jul 27 Slant Magazine Interview: Final Fantasy
2006 Aug 11 AMP Divine Magic
2006 Sep Jed Shepherd Shepherd's Pi interview
2006 Sep 14 The Gauntlet The Ultimate Fantasy
2006 Nov 14 Radio Free Canuckistan Phone interview
2006 Nov 15 Radio Free Canuckistan Phone interviews with Stuart Maclean, Richard Reed Parry, Steve Kado
2006 Dec 6 Drowned in Sound Final Fantasy: "people need to learn the difference between irony and satire and sarcasm" / In Depth
2006 Dec 8 XLR8R Final Fantasy LARPs Out Loud
2006 Dec 15 Pitchfork Final Fantasy Talks New LP, Arcade Fire, Polaris Prize
2007 Feb !earshot Final Fantasy: Falling in Love with a Video Game Character
2007 Jun 29 Xtra MUSIC: Final Fantasy: Toronto musician embarks on cross-country tour
2007 Aug 2 The Gauntlet Owen Pallett's sweet fantasy
2007 Oct 17 The Stranger Lord of the Strings
2007 Nov 11 LosingToday An interview with Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy
2008 Misshapes Final Fantasy's only member rides a bike, gives an interview
2008 Jan 1 You Ain't No Picasso 12 Days of Mixmas: Day 19
2008 Feb 14 Drowned in Sound Final Fantasy: meets Monkey in Toronto, curates festival in Europe
2008 Feb 26 National Post Health card loophole snags singer Owen Pallett
2008 May 18 New York Times The Return of the One-Man Band (some of Owen's quotes are out of context)
2008 Aug 17 New York Magazine Why Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett Sees Beauty in Failure
2008 Aug 26 Exclaim! Final Fantasy Readies Two New EPs and An LP
2008 Aug 27 The Stranger Utopian Dream Boy
2008 Sep 13 Zoilus Max Tundra: Music to Pass Out with Meringue in Your Hair By Owen Pallett
2008 Oct 5 blogTO Gay porn & Owen Pallett @ POP Montreal 2008
2008 Dec 12 The Age Chromatic Pallett
2008 Dec 14 BUTT Magazine Singing Violinist From Canada Is A Total Cuddle Slut
2009 May 27 Stereogum Progress Report: Final Fantasy
2009 Jun 11 blogTO Luminato 2009: Owen Pallett and Tales of the Uncanny
2009 Jul 16 Chicago TimeOut Gay & Lesbian: Fantasy world: Violinist and Final Fantasy frontman Owen Pallett hits all the right notes
2009 Aug 3 Rare.fm: SuperStrings Theory Super Strings Theory Interview Final Fantasy
2009 Aug 30 RadioWroclove 'It's not a game'. An interview with Final Fantasy
2009 Sep 1 New York Timeout: The Volume Celebrating Pet Shop Boys: Owen Pallett on why the band turned him into "a stuttering schoolboy"
2009 Oct 1 Winnipeg Free Press No strings attached
2009 Oct 29 The Torture Garden the torture garden: Final Fantasy Interview
2009 Dec Vogue Classical twist
2009 Dec 30 Xtra Owen Pallett lays himself bare on new album
2010 Jan omg blog OMG, a Q&A: Owen Pallett
2010 Jan 3 The Guardian Why Owen Pallett is living in a fantasy world
2010 Jan 5 NOW Toronto Game over for Final Fantasy. Game on for Owen Pallett.
2010 Jan 10 Toronto Star Owen Pallett says farewell to Final Fantasy
2010 Jan 11 XLR8R Inbox: Owen Pallett
2010 Jan 12 Interview Magazine Owen Pallett on Heartland, Mariah Carey
2010 Jan 13 Radio Free Canuckistan Phone interview: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
2010 Jan 13 Spinner Canada Owen Pallett Wears His 'Heartland' on His Sleeve
2010 Jan 14 ClashMusic.com Final Fantasy Interview
2010 Jan 14 SFGate Owen Pallett: Music stripped to raw emotion
2010 Jan 15 Paste Magazine Catching Up With... Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett
2010 Jan 15 New York Press Catching Up With Owen Pallett
2010 Jan 16 The Guardian From Arcade Fire to Mika, Owen Pallett is the industry's go-to guy for a lavish orchestral arrangement
2010 Jan 19 Drowned in Sound Owen Pallett's track-by-track guide to Heartland
2010 Jan 21 About.com Guide Interview / Artist Profile
2010 Jan 21 Macleans Magazine Owen Pallett’s a one-man symphony
2010 Jan 27 Pitchfork Guest Lists: Owen Pallett
2010 Jan 29 CHARTattack Owen Pallett's Final Fantasy: Well Defined Biceps
2010 Feb Exclaim! Final Flight of Fantasy
2010 Feb Tiny Mix Tapes Interview: "If I ever said that, I was probably intoxicated."
2010 Feb 1 Under the Radar Of Final Fantasies and Fatalist Farmers
2010 Feb 4 PopMatters "Blissfully Nerdy": An Interview with Owen Pallett
2010 Feb 4 ECHO Owen Pallett: Hillside Inside
2010 Feb 7 Montreal Gazette Owen Pallett: Not abandoning his fantasyland
2010 Feb 11 The Ontarion The artist formerly known as Final Fantasy
2010 Feb 11 Oyster Magazine Not from New York: Owen Pallett
2010 Feb 16 Ottawa Sun Owen Pallett tips hat to music of his life
2010 Feb 16 The Link Ready for his close-up: Owen Pallett 'opens his bathrobe' with new album (PDF)
2010 Feb 18 Montreal Mirror Past fantasy
2010 Feb 25 London Free Press Fantastic ride
2010 Mar 5 The Line of Best Fit Interview :: Owen Pallett
2010 Mar 5 Spinner Canada Ex 'Final Fantasy' Owen Pallett Picks Top Five Video Games
2010 Mar 12 The Irish Times Stand and deliver
2010 Mar 18 State Magazine Owen Pallett – Interview
2010 Mar 24 The Quietus Orchestral Manoeuvres & Homoerotica: Owen Pallett Opens His Heartland
2010 Mar 30 AsiaOneNews Step into Pallett's orchestral fantasy
2010 Apr 1 Chicago InnerView Owen Pallett : Chicago Innerview
2010 Apr 1 OutSmart Magazine An interview with openly gay singer Owen Pallett: Heart To Heartland
2010 Apr 8 Pittsburgh City Paper A Conversation with Owen Pallett
2010 Apr 19 Bostonist Interview: Owen Pallett, The Canadian Formerly Known As Final Fantasy
2010 Apr 21 Dallas Voice Pallet, able
2010 May 6 Georgia Straight Owen Pallett makes art without easy answers
2010 May 9 The Province Covering 'Fantasy' a fantasy come true
2010 Jul The Canadian Press Polaris brings you love one day, makes you 'overrated' the next, jokes Pallett
2010 Sep 10 Indie TO Will Owen Pallett win Polaris twice?
2010 Sep 20 Spinner Canada Owen Pallett Picks Ex-Roommate Caribou to Win Polaris Prize
2010 Sep 22 MSN Entertainment Owen Pallett thinks he owes Canada after "Delirious Tour"
2010 Sep 28 NUVO Violinist/composer Owen Pallett's great white noise
2010 Sep 29 Riverfront Times Interview: Potty-mouthed Violinist Owen Pallett on "Bro Music," Sexuality and His Career
2010 Oct 28 Uptown Mag The weird and wonderful mind of Owen Pallett: The artist formerly known as Final Fantasy offers another batch of compelling narratives on another critically acclaimed album
2010 Oct 30 The Manitoban Owen Pallett on angels, the country and Czech orchestras
2010 Dec 1 Cycling 74 An Interview with Owen Pallett (Max programming)
2010 Dec 8 Sydney Star Observer Orchestrating a fantasy
2010 Dec 10 The Daily Yomiuri Owen Pallett stands alone
2010 Dec 10 Eye Weekly Owen Pallett soundtracks The New York Times' "14 Actors Acting"
2010 Dec 13 SX News Musical Pallett
2010 Dec 13 The New York Times Giving a Performance a Good Score ("14 Actors Acting")
2010 Dec 17 Oyster Magazine Owen Pallett on the game of life
2010 Dec 23 FasterLouder Owen Pallett
2010 Dec 23 Undercover Music News Owen Pallett Chats to Undercover
2011 Jan The Capilano Courier Post no bills: Owen Pallett rejects assumptions, embraces sass
2011 Jan 6 Under the Radar 2010 Artist Survey Bonus Answers: Owen Pallett
2011 Jan 10 Vol. 1 Brooklyn Band Booking: Owen Pallett
2011 Jan 12 Tone Deaf Interview
2011 Jan 19 The Daily Telegraph Defence of freedom requires no defence
2011 Feb 1 Frankie Tunesday - 6 things Owen Pallett wants to set straight
2011 Feb 6 low Lights high Volume Owen Pallett picks US Maple's Talker
2011 Feb 27 Juice Singapore Chat: Owen Pallett
2011 Mar 8 The Huffington Post Ecstatic Music Festival Interview #4
2011 Mar 11 Impossible Souls Owen Pallett, l'interview (French)
2011 Mar 15 CTV The JUNO Awards: 'Cursed' Owen Pallet says Toronto's 'tides are shifting'
2011 Mar 25 Spinner Owen Pallett Slams Morrissey, Praises the Strokes, Doesn't Envy Arcade Fire
2011 Mar 25 Indigits Poll13
2011 Apr 25 Times of Malta Beyond the final fantasy
2011 May 30 CBC Radio 2 The Proust Questionnaire
2011 Jun 23 Corkman.ie A talent for pulling your strings...
2011 Aug 2 NOW Toronto Pallett and pals
2012 Feb 17 Hard to Explain (JP) Interview
2012 Sep 4 GAFFA The Gladiator
2012 Sep 30 Devon Record Club Heartland
2013 Jul 30 The Skinny Under Wraps: Owen Pallett spills secrets
2013 Nov 15 The Grid TO A refined Pallett
2013 Nov 17 blogTO Toronto through the eyes of Owen Pallett
2013 Nov 19 Toronto Star Owen Pallett's latest leap: ballet
2013 Nov 21 NOW Magazine Owen's sounds
2014 Feb 24 The Hollywood Reporter Scoring 'Her': Composers Owen Pallett and William Butler on the Film's Stark Soundtrack
2014 Feb 26 SPIN Owen Pallett on Scoring Sex Music (for a Phone)
2014 Feb 26 The Canadian Press Her soundtrack Oscar nomination with Arcade Fire member makes Owen Pallett feel ‘complicated’
2014 Feb 27 Opening Ceremony An Orchestra Imitating Synths: Oscar Nominee Owen Pallett on 'her'
2014 Mar 17 Noisey Owen Pallett talks insanity, self-help and his new album In Conflict
2014 Mar 18 Pitchfork The frequent Arcade Fire collaborator and art-pop auteur talks about the end of the world as we know it, capitalism's sneaky evils, why he thinks so many people got Reflektor wrong, and his upcoming fourth solo album, In Conflict
2014 Apr 22 Stereogum Q&A: Owen Pallett On Getting Personal With In Conflict, The Uselessness Of Music Theory, And How Jordan Catalano Relates To Sun Kil Moon
2014 Apr 26 Con-Text Black and White Pallett
2014 May 1 Voir.ca Owen Pallett : Sans peur ni reproche
2014 May 5 Exclaim! Owen Pallett Discusses the Road to 'In Conflict'
2014 May 6 Le Huffington Post Québec Owen Pallett : petit génie conflictuel
2014 May 7 Cult MTL A record to match the world’s maddest films
2014 May 7 Islington Gazette Owen Pallett not afraid to explore inner conflict
2014 May 8 Chart Attack Owen Pallett on his move to Montreal, sensationalist journalism, and made-up music beefs
2014 May 8 BrooklynVegan an interview with Owen Pallet (on songwriting, music press, why he hates Beyonce & Rihanna... JUST KIDDING!)
2014 May 8 NOW Magazine On his new album, local composer takes inspiration from the everyday
2014 May 8 Radio Free Canuckistan Owen Pallett vs. Toronto
2014 May 9 The Huffington Post Canada Owen Pallett On His Feelings About Having Children And New Album In Conflict
2014 May 14 The Sydney Morning Herald Owen Pallett talks about his new album In Conflict
2014 May 15 DigBoston Man on fire: Owen Pallett was the mainstream's best kept secret …
2014 May 16 DIY Owen Pallett: ‘I Became Aware Of This Changeable Personality’
2014 May 17 BDCwire Owen Pallett Is Music’s New Everything Man, Plays Brighton Music Hall Saturday
2014 May 19 Tsugi Owen Pallett : “l’indie music ne sert plus que de BO aux pubs Taco Bell”
2014 May 21 Philadelphia Weekly Owen Pallett’s got the love, strings attached
2014 May 22 The 405 Owen Pallett interviewed: “I think that the desire for music making is in itself an aberration, a form of insanity.”
2014 May 22 Exberliner A chat with… Owen Pallett
2014 May 26 Port Magazine The Polaris-winning Canadian artist delves into gender-politics and self-image with the release of his fourth studio album
2014 May 26 The Canadian Press Owen Pallett calls revealing new record ‘most confusing’ he’s made
2014 May 26 Montreal Gazette Owen Pallett finds time to get personal
2014 May 26 Radio Free Canuckistan Owen Pallett - In Conflict
2014 May 27 NPR Owen Pallett: The Consummate Musician, In Conflict
2014 May 27 Interview Magazine Owen Pallett’s disorientalism
2014 May 27 Die Zeit “Bowie frisst Kultur und kackt Produkte”
2014 May 27 National Post Owen Pallett seeks peace with In Conflict
2014 May 27 Paste Owen Pallett: In Context
2014 May 27 ION Magazine Crazy Times
2014 May 28 Out Magazine Anatomy of an Album: Owen Pallett’s In Conflict
2014 May 29 Consequence of Sound Owen Pallett: Carrying the Weight of the World
2014 May 29 PopMatters I Am Not Afraid: An Interview with Owen Pallett
2014 May 31 Salon How to save the creative class: “Universal healthcare and no guns, basically”
2014 Jun 4 The Line of Best Fit Owen Pallett: “Every idea needs a sense of immediate closure”
2014 Jun 9 jenesaispop Owen Pallett: “La crítica musical a menudo es muy inexacta”
2014 Jun 9 Wondering Sound Owen Pallett Talks Eno, Music Critics and Film Scores
2014 Jun 11 Red Bull Music How to score with Owen Pallett: The Canadian on his new album, making hits for Robbie Williams and scoring films with Arcade Fire
2014 Jun 16 AUX Owen Pallett on pop criticism, irony, and music media conspiracies
2014 Jun 23 Sentireascoltare Conflitti – Intervista a Owen Pallett
2014 Jun 26 Fujirockers Owen Pallett scares off the squares
2014 Jul 2 Totally Dublin The War of Art: An Interview with Owen Pallett
2014 Jul 4 The Irish Times Strings theory: it’s busy in Owen Pallett’s multiverse
2014 Jul 11 Tsugi L’autre passion de… Owen Pallett
2014 Sep 1 BeatRoute Violin-looping virtuoso Owen Pallett brings his new music to life