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Other work

Release date   Artist Release Contribution
2011 Mar 14Alex TurnerSubmarine OSTstring arrangements for “Piledriver Waltz
2004 Sep 14Arcade FireFuneralviolin, string arrangements
2007 Mar 3Arcade FireNeon Bibleviolin, orchestral arrangements for “Black Mirror, “Keep the Car Running”, “No Cars Go
2010 Aug 2Arcade FireThe Suburbsstrings and string arrangements
2013 Oct 28Arcade FireReflektorstrings and orchestral arrangements
2007 Oct 9BeirutThe Flying Club Cupviolin, harpsichord, piano, celeste, drums, organ, string arrangements, backup vocals
lyrics and vocals on “Cliquot
2014 Oct 7CaribouOur Loveviolin, viola
2007C’monBottled Lightning (Of an All Time High)string arrangements
2004Dan GoldmanThrough a Revolutionstring arrangements for “Take Cover” and “The Kids Song”
2008Dan GoldmanLuxury Pondstring arrangements for St. Kitts String Quartet
2014 Apr 25Daphni & Owen Pallett“Julia” / “Tiberius”
2013 Apr 30David LangDeath Speaksviolin, vocals
2007David ShrigleyWorried NoodlesJoys
2005 Oct 18Death from Above 1979Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sidesvocals and string arrangements for “Black History Month (Girl on Girl Revision featuring Final Fantasy)
2010 Sep 28Diamond Rings“Something Else”piano and strings on “Gentleman Who Fell (Milla Jovovich cover)
2012 Apr 21Domino RecordsSmugglers WayIn Xs” sheet music
2010 Dec 21Duran DuranAll You Need Is Nowstring arrangements and conducting for “The Man Who Stole a Leopard (featuring Kelis), “A Diamond in the Mind”, “Return to Now”
2009 Sep 22Final FantasyCrayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee SillThe Donor” cover
2014 Sep 23Foxes in FictionOntario Gothicviolins and string arrangements
2013 Jul 29Franz FerdinandThe North Seastrings and string arrangements for “Stand on the Horizon” (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
2013 Aug 26Franz FerdinandRight Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actionstrings and string arrangements for “Stand on the Horizon”
2005Fucked Up“Generation”
2006 Oct 10Fucked UpHidden Worldviolin on “Carried out to the Sea” and “Blaze of Glory”
violin and organ on “Two Snakes”
2004Gentleman RegDarby & Joanstring arrangements
2009Gentleman RegHeavy Head EPviolin, viola, pianet, and bass synth on “Justified”
2010 Jan 26GigiMaintenantvocals on “I’ll Quit
2007 May 8Great Lake SwimmersOngiarastring arrangements
2005 Nov 8Grizzly BearHorn of Plenty (The Remixes)Don’t Ask” (Final Fantasy Remix)
2006 Sep 5Grizzly BearYellow Housestrings and string arrangements for “Marla
2007 Oct 23Holy FuckLPviolin on “Lovely Allen
2007 Jun 12Immaculate MachineImmaculate Machine’s Fablesviolin
2002J. EnglishmanJ. Englishman’s second albumviolin on one track
2002 Nov 7Jim GuthrieMorning Noon Night
2003 Nov 18Jim GuthrieNow, More Than Everviolins, viola, string arrangements
2011 Apr 5Jim GuthrieSword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babiesviolin on “The Cloud”
2011 NovJim GuthrieOne Millionth Tower“Five Offerings”, a composition for the Highrise documentary
2013 May 7Jim GuthrieTakes Timeviolin and arrangement for “Wish I Were You”
2010 Dec 7Joanna NewsomVersions of JoannaPeach, Plum, Pear” cover
2002Les MouchesThe Polite AlbumOwen Pallett, Matt Smith, Rob Gordon
recorded with Andy Magoffin and a brass quintet
2003Les MouchesBlood Orgy!!! EPOwen Pallett, Matt Smith, Rob Gordon
2004Les MouchesYou’re Worth More to Me Than 1000 ChristiansOwen Pallett, Matt Smith, Rob Gordon
2013 Jul 30Light FiresFACEvocals on “Dependent
2012 AugLindstrøm“De Javu” / “No Release”“No Release” (Owen Pallett Feat Steve Kado Remix)
2012 Jun 26Linkin ParkLiving Thingsstrings on “I'll Be Gone
2010 Apr 13MantlerMonodybrass arrangements for “Childman and “In Stride”
2009 Sep 21MikaThe Boy Who Knew Too Muchviolin
2014 Jan 20MarramSun Choirvocals on “With Us Instead
2007 Jun 5MontagGoing Placesvocals on “Softness, I Forgot Your Name
2009One Hundred DollarsFourteenth Floorfiddle on “Migrant Workers”
2010 Dec 8Owen Pallett14 Actors Acting” (score)composition for Czech Symphony Strings
2013/TBAOwen PallettThe Wait (film score)
2009 Mar 20Pet Shop BoysYesorchestra arrangements for “Beautiful People” and “Legacy”
2005 May 17PicastroMetal Caresviola
2007 Sep 11PicastroWhore Luckpiano on “Hortur
violin and organ on “All Erase”
2011 Nov 11R.E.M.Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982–2011orchestral arrangements for “We All Go Back to Where We Belong and “Hallelujah”
2008 Mar 4Rhys Chatham & His Guitar Trio All-StarsGuitar Trio Is My Life!violin on “Guitar Trio Pt. 2, Toronto”
2012 Nov 2Robbie WilliamsTake the Crownorchestral arrangements and conducting for “Candy, “Different”, “Into the Silence”
1994Robert A. Allen, Michael Pallett-Plowright, John Pallett-PlowrightTraffic Department 2192 (computer game score)“Menu”, “Vulture”, “Intro 2”, “Death”
Interview, MP3s, YouTube playlist
2004Royal CityLittle Heart’s Ease
2014 Feb 11Sarah NeufeldBlack Ground E.P.arrangements for “Breathing Black Ground (Orchestral Version)”
2012 Nov 6Slim TwigA Hound at the Hemstring arrangements
2011 Nov 11Snow PatrolFallen Empiresstring arrangements, conducting
2007 May 22StarsDo You Trust Your Friends?Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” remix
2008StereogumEnjoyed: A Tribute to Björk’s PostPossibly Maybe” cover by Final Fantasy & Ed Droste
2011 Jul 26StereogumSTROKED: A Tribute to Is This ItHard to Explain” cover
2012 Jul 25Steve Kado2003 (for portable keyboards)
2012 Oct 22Taylor SwiftRedorchestral arrangements and conducting for “The Last Time
2009The BlankketPegatively Nositivevocals on “Wrong Life”
2003 May 6The Hidden CamerasThe Smell of Our Ownviolin, viola
2004 Oct 12The Hidden CamerasMississauga Goddamviolin, piano, celeste
2004 Sep 14The Hidden CamerasThe Arms of His “Ill” EPviola on “Builds the Bone”
2008 Apr 15The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age of the Understatementorchestral arrangements and conductor
2011 Feb 22The LuyasToo Beautiful to Workstrings and string arrangements
2009 Oct 6The Mountain GoatsThe Life of the World to Comeviolin, string arrangements
2012 Mar 24The Mountain GoatsTranscendental Youthpiano, guitar, voice arrangements for Ecstatic Music Festival
2011 Apr 19The NationalExile Vilifystrings
2013 May 20The NationalTrouble Will Find Mestrings on “I Need My Girl”
2007 May 22The PhonemesThere’s Something We’ve Been Meaning to Dobackup vocals on “Pain Perdu”
violin and piano on “Kim Rogers”
guitar on “Pine Needles”
2009 Aug 11The Rumble StripsWelcome to the Walk Aloneviolin, string arrangements
2012 Oct 23Titus AndronicusLocal Businessviolin
2013 Dec 18William Butler and Owen PallettHer (film score)composition
the score is unreleased
2009 Oct 29Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Owen PallettThe Box (film score)the score remains unreleased; watch an interview with director Richard Kelly about it