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Gigi → Maintenant → “I’ll Quit”


I’ve done everything but part the sea
To try to get you to notice me
I’ve sent off flares
Sent smoke signals through the air
But nothing comes except a jet stream

It swiftly blows all my best attempts away
And then it’s all I am left with till the day I die
We’ll realize there’s no use in crying anymore

It’s not as if you’re washed up on shore
Like I imagined in my dreams
While you’re dressed in clam diggers and I in dungarees

I more often than not catch myself
Wondering how I got to be such a bore
My grandest gestures go undetected
Even my mother don’t give me the what for

I could send in the marines and you wouldn’t think twice
We’ll fashion a sculpture of your likeness out of ice
And people would pass and say at best, that’s nice, let’s carry on

Come on, baby, give me a reason to believe in love again, again
? as many ways as you can
Tell me when, tell me when, tell me when this’ll quit
And I’ll quit
And I’ll quit
And I’ll quit