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Owen Pallett → A Swedish Love Story EP


  1. A Man with No Ankles
  2. Scandal at the Parkade
  3. Honour the Dead, or Else
  4. Don’t Stop
  5. The Great Elsewhere” (Son Lux Remix) (bonus track)


“I had to cut a bunch of songs off Heartland and these were some of them. These are the ones that I cut ‘cause they sounded too poppy. Nor are these the versions that I recorded in Iceland with Jeremy... those versions will never see the light of day because they weren’t right.

“But these versions are right. I finally got these songs out of my intestines. Passed them. I recorded them in about a week with Rusty Santos acting as engineer, producer and mixer and used ‘drums’ and ‘bass’ (courtesy of Shahzad Ismaily) and ‘guitars’ (courtesy of Thomas Gill) and ‘synths’ that I did myself, as well as that delicious DI’d violin sound that classical players hate.

“It’s called A Swedish Love Story in tribute to my friend Kalle Josephson, who works as a party-starter and lecturer in Stockholm. He introduced me to the movie En Karlekshistoria and also asked me why I hadn’t recorded more songs like ‘What Do You Think Will Happen Next?’—a song which was itself inspired by Jens Lekman whose Rocky Dennis EP was destroying me around the same time.” —Owen [source]