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Sleepy boy, did you forget about your godfather?
For him they put a barrier about the bridge in memorium.
Your mother never brought herself to use the word ‘jump’
Your father said “Don’t be a bloody twit.”
But am I man enough to honour the dead, or else?

Now I keep a flat-boy on the West Side
I have the first couple of hours to myself to pretend I’m alone
Never bothered with the inconvenience
Of life-insurance, or a bike helmet, but I watch my back

Honour the dead, or else
Honour the dead and save your applause

All the haunting is inside your head
He pricks you when you smoke in bed
He switches off The Cure and says,
“Selfish, selfish sleepy boy,
Selfish, selfish sleepy boy,
You need someone to get in your way,
You need someone to get in your way.”