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Somewhere between her window and my doorstep
I remembered what it was to play, to play, to play
Don’t tell me you can’t remember a time before our carnal needs
Turned us all into employers and employees

“The future is a constant in a world of free will;
If we are all pre-destined, the future: variable.”
I wrote it, but I don’t know what it means, don’t know what it means,
But a fat-fingered wife isn’t how I’m gonna end my teens.

Upon upon upon the beauty I take the yoke and do my duty
Do do do do do do my duty do do do do do do my duty

Stopped by the river to fish out a fiver
Slipped off my sandals and I waded in there
Watched as the water licked my toes and my ankles
From the back of my neck, to the top of my head, oh!