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Owen Pallett → “Lewis’ Dream”


Benito was fifteen when he went off to college
I stayed home and tried to go with his best friend
He told me he was gonna cut my neck right across
Then he read Rousseau
Where did he go?

Master comes to me while I’m sleeping
Gives me hell for my overeating
Tells me how I should cut my hair
You think I am only dreaming

But I’ve arms of bronze and bone
I was born into a loving home
And of all the promises that I have made
There’s one I’ll never break

Write his name on your chest in a fever
Sing his song to the boats on the river
Heaven’s number is seventy-one
Our work has only just begun

With our arms of bronze and bone
We will set our shoulders to the stone
We will lift it, we will bear it ’til our bodies
Our bodies break