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Owen Pallett → Heartland → “Red Sun No. 5”


I’d been living through days
Carrying no burden
But the shit of cattle
And my resignation

Until the sun rose crimson
Crept across my limbs and
I saw that they were earthen
That they decay and worsen

And from my ginger chest, there
Came the sound of thunder
I am not a father
I am not a farmer

I tremble to speak of it.
Held her in my arms and
Pressed her to my heart and
Pressed my hand o’er her lips

I murmured words of his love
I will be his baron
With him I have an ending
With him I have completion
And the cover of night


Owen Pallett
ARP 2600 synth
Wurlitzer electric piano
Ed Reifel
John Marshman
The St. Kitts’ Winds
The Czech Symphony Strings