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Crown myself the Prince of Buzz!
Can’t wait until you unsubscribe
I’ll be a lonely scribe

But what if they like it
And lock us in a cannery with your accordion
Until we can our love?

We can get along!
We can get along!
Montreal might eat its young
But Montreal won’t break us down

Now I got a VCR
If we put our hearts in 20,000 tiny jars
They’d never leave their homes

I tried and tried and tried and tried
And tried and tried to keep the crowds away!

Music video

The video is directed by Sara St. Onge and features Alice, a fashion designer. Sara had worked as a waitress at a dinner theatre, listening to Final Fantasy on headphones whenever possible.

The video has different vocals and louder drums. “Basically Al P mixed the original version on the LP and I remixed it behind his back and he wasn’t happy. So he came back and remixed it for this version. I think both versions are good. My favourite is the motown version of the song that will appear on the 7" but that’s just me.” —Owen [source]

Live video

August 8, 2009 in Vienna