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Owen Pallett → Heartland → “What Do You Think Will Happen Now?”


The difficulties of my story:
Despite discomforts, despite myself, I
I reaffirm my endless devotion
To the belief that we’re all of value,
We’re all of virtue, and so inclined we
Fill up our cups and toast to each other,
And though I listen to the arguments
That most divergent systems employ to

Debilitate us, delineate us,
Repackage our words, demystify us,
I unceasingly affirm my love can
Cannot be measured, cannot be altered.
I know, I know it, I do affirm it
With overzealous obscurantism.
With every word and with every gesture,
I must express it. I can’t define it,
But all the same I know I can describe it:
I walk o’er bridges and see the river.
This morning
A marble statue the sun has weather’d.
I must get up
The stubbornness of the overgrowth and
To see the world
The old memorials covered in snow. We’ve
around me.
Written the way the universe will go.
Right away
A righteous white horse, a man with a bow.
what I forgot
A sharpened bit of the mistletoe.
In seeing ourselves
Scissors of fate or the fire of Surtr.
As words
Though we’re divided, the force of nature
Upon a
Will put us all in the ground together
The sun is up.
My arms are wide.
I am a good man,
I am yours.


Owen Pallett
prepared piano