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Behind the scenes of Duran Duran's new album

There is a short footage of Owen conducting for All You Need is Now at the end of this video.

Sondre Lerche covers "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt"

"In the end, I returned to a song from what is probably my favorite record of the year, Owen Pallett's Heartland, which means most of my friends know what they’re getting from me this year. And now you know too."

Undercover interview

"I had a sideways vibrato and a really bad bow-arm, but the positive effect of having a sideways vibrato is that I'm able to sing when I play, which is not possible with a normal vibrato, or at least very difficult..."

FasterLouder interview

It's a cold, blustery day in Toronto, Canada as Owen Pallett takes our interview call, but he's not about to let it dampen his spirits – especially with his plans over the next couple of months...

...and the joy of getting married makes you really glad

According to this Twitpic caption, Owen and Patrick will get married in November 2011. Congratulations!

Owen's Best of 2010

  • Sufjan Stevens: "I Want to Be Well"
  • Alex Lukashevsky: Prints of Darkness
  • Tour albums: Erykah Badu, Big Boi, Titus Andronicus, CFCF, Harvey Milk
  • Swans' reunion and My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
  • Playing madlibs with Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"
  • Burning Star Core: Papercuts Theater
  • Caribou: Swim
  • Scout Niblett both on record and in person
  • Nico Muhly: I Drink the Air Before Me and A Good Understanding
  • Getting back into Hilary Hahn for the umpteenth time

Les portraits de l'année

Le mois de décemb' venu, l'heure des bilans carillonne à tous les étages. Vous connaissez déjà une partie de notre tableau d'honneur 2010, le détail restant à découvrir dans notre Hors-série 365 Chroniques actuellement en kiosque. Là où vous trouverez les portraits de nos dix personnalités de l'année, d'Arnaud Fleurent-Didier à Peter Milton Walsh en passant par Jamie Harley, Alex Chilton ou... Owen Pallett ! Voici le profil nourri de l'arrangeur et compositeur virtuose.

The real mayors of Toronto

Because power is often in the eye of the beholder, we asked a sampling of prominent Torontonians (specifically, whichever ones would call us back) to give us their pick for the most influential person in the city...

Life after Stillepost

"Toronto is a really social media friendly city," Owen said. "Statistically this is true. And I feel as if people have started to rely on Facebook to promote their art events.... Facebook doesn't allow for any kind of expansionism, it's almost as if you're closing yourself off to the world, in terms of what gigs you're going to be [planning and attending]. That was what was so valuable about Stillepost in its heyday; it was not about reading hilarious Matt Collins posts, rather, it was about going on and checking the show listings and seeing what's going on tonight."

Bootleg: Dec 11 @ Hard Club, Porto

Owen covered “Odessa” and Bach leading into “Many Lives → 49 MP”.

Export [Demo EP]

Owen has released a demo EP for free download on SoundCloud.

The Best Album Covers of 2010

Heartland has one of Michael Katzif's 10 favourite album covers of 2010, along with Land of Talk and Agalloch.

Another "14 Actors Acting" interview

The New York Times interviews Owen about his score for "14 Actors Acting".

Musical Pallett

The name Owen Pallett has become synonymous with wonder and virtuosity as he woos the world with his potent fusion of electro pop and intricately layered ...

"14 Actors Acting" interview

Eye Weekly interviews Owen about his score for "14 Actors Acting".

Stereogum's Top 50 Albums Of 2010

Heartland ranks #17.

Owen Pallett stands alone

But Toronto's Owen Pallett has forged a unique musical path that defies convention and has garnered him a loyal cult following. First playing solo under the ...

Actors Create 14 Decisive Moments

That included the addition of music, which was composed by Owen Pallett, a Canadian musician, and recorded in Prague by the Czech Symphony Strings. ...

Orchestrating a fantasy

Queer singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Owen Pallett keeps very good company, with his considerable skills as a string arranger utilised by ...


Todd Owyoung has posted the portraits he took of Owen before the concert on September 30.

Cycling 74 interview

In this interview, Owen talks about his musical development and Max programming.

NPR 50 Favorite Albums of 2010

Heartland gets on this unranked list by National Public Radio.

Exclaim! Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010

Exclaim! ranks Heartland #5 on their list of top pop & rock albums of the year.

The Luyas Announce "Too Beautiful To Work" / Reveal Cover Art & Tracklisting

Owen Pallett plays the violin and arranges the strings. Colin Stetson adds saxophone and clarinet. Sarah Neufeld (who plays in a band called Arcade Fire) ...

The R3-30 featuring Black Mountain and Owen Pallett

"The Truth Is Out There"...or so that old-timey television show, The X-Files, used to say. This week, The R3-30 is proud to announce that "The Truth Is In ...

Joanna Newsom tribute album

Owen's cover of “Peach, Plum, Pear” will appear on the Joanna Newsom tribute album Versions of Joanna.

The Tranzac Club: an oral history

The Tranzac Club: an oral history — @owenpallett, @leftfordamian and more speak to the imperiled venue's importance.

French interview and performance

Click "Ecouter l'émission". The interview starts at 10:25 (the questions are very basic). “Scandal at the Parkade” and “The Great Elsewhere” start at 17:55.

Arcade Fire on Saturday Night Live

@OwenPallett will join Arcade Fire on #SNL this weekend!

Duran Duran detail new album, All You Need Is Now

... longtime Duran Duran collaborator Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters, while Owen Pallett of Arcade Fire contributes the album's string arrangements. ...

Heartland window display

The window display of Heartland at Soundscapes, a music store in Toronto, has been added to their gallery.

Sydney Festival Hosts Philip Glass, Sufjan Stevens, Gotye And More

There will be performances from global indie heroes Wire, Health, Holy Fuck, Beach House, Matt & Kim, Owen Pallett, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Mountain Man, ...

2010 Out 100

Owen Pallett has been honoured as one of the 100 LGBT people of the year. The photo is a recreation of Truman Capote's Black and White Ball in 1966.

CBC Radio 3 Podcast Artist Series

The October 29 podcast was a special edition hosted by Owen Pallett.

2010 Bucky Awards

Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” has been nominated for Best Song and Best Vocals.

Pallett apologetic over pleasant performance

Owen Pallett is an indie artist who plays the violin. He played the Myer Horowitz Theatre, which meant theatre seating and no beverages while enjoying the ...

You don't want to be the person calculating Basia Bulat's frequent flyer points

... a very well-reviewed gig fronting the Symphony Nova Scotia - arrangements by none other than ever-(more)-present orchestral pop-master Owen Pallett - as ...

Getting the message out

Polaris Prize-winning Canadian musician Owen Pallett noted recently that he wouldn't be part of the project because his own adolescent trauma was due more ...

The weird and wonderful mind of Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett — the prodigious pop experimentalist formerly known as Final Fantasy — wants to make up for his last Canadian tour. ...

Owen Pallett at Marquee Theatre Last Night

Last night, Owen Pallett violin was perfectly tuned, his voice was belting (and sometimes primal scream-ing) loudly to the rafters, and his angsty, ...