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“The Riverbed” music video / “On a Path” lyric video / Oscar hype / Sarah Neufeld arrangement

Watch the music video for “The Riverbed”, directed by Eva Michon, on YouTube or Vimeo. Owen's uncle plays the main role and Owen plays one of the jerks.

There is also a lyric video for “On a Path”, a never-before-heard song, directed by Steve Kado.

Arcade Fire posted a behind-the-scenes montage of them recording the score to Her with Owen.

The first-ever Oscar concert took place on February 27, when all the nominated original scores and songs were performed. Owen conducted a 10-minute arrangement of the score that he had finished on a flight. Mashable posted a clip of the performance on Instagram.

Owen discussed the score with Opening Ceremony (while wearing their shirts, as pictured), SPIN, The Canadian Press, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Sarah Neufeld's new Black Ground E.P. contains, among two outtakes from the Hero Brother album, an orchestral version of "Breathing Black Ground". Owen had invited her to a session in Prague with the FILMharmonic Orchestra, and this version was the result.

In Conflict out on May 12

The first trailer for In Conflict contains album credits and scenery by Steve Kado. The song playing is “Infernal Fantasy” with extra backing vocals. The album will be released on May 12 (May 13 in Canada and USA) on Secret City Records (Canada) and Domino Records (everywhere except Canada).

The Wait, the M Blash film scored by Owen, now has a trailer. The score is scheduled to be released in the summer.

Jim Guthrie’s 2003 album Now, More Than Ever, on which Owen played violin and viola, has been remastered. Stream, download, and buy it on Bandcamp.

Watch the music video for “With Us Instead” by Marram featuring Owen Pallett.

Academy Award nomination

William Butler and Owen Pallett have been nominated for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Original Score for their score of Her. Her is a film by Spike Jonze starring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, and Scarlett Johansson. The score has also received nominations and wins from other film award associations, too numerous to list here.

Spike Jonze had previously worked with Arcade Fire on Scenes from the Suburbs. Recently, he directed the music video for "Afterlife". The song "Supersymmetry" was written for Her and plays in the credits.

In October 2012, we learned of Owen's involvement with the charity project Everything Is New for southeast Indian children. One part of the project, the album Sun Choir by Marram with the Light of Love Children's Choir, will be released on January 20. The song "With Us Instead" features Owen on vocals. Listen to it and pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

Photo by The National Ballet of Canada

blogTO interviewed Owen about the ballet Unearth and his opinions of Toronto. It's revealed that Brian Eno is one of the guests on In Conflict.

The Grid TO interviewed Owen about the ballet, In Conflict, and Arcade Fire.

NOW Magazine also interviewed Owen about the ballet, which he likened to Star Trek.

The Toronto Star interviewed both Robert Binet and Owen about the ballet.

Photo by Kathy Ryan

In a New York Times blog, Kathy Ryan wrote a short post about Owen's work on "Fourteen Actors Acting" with a few photos.